Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feature Phone vs Smart Phone

Feature Phone vs Smart Phone

A "Feature Phone" is what we normally refer to as a "Dumb Phone", one that is NOT a smart phone. That "Plain Old Cell Phone"

The next step up is a "Messaging Phone". It will typically have a full keyboard for messaging, but few features of a Smart phone.

Smart Phones are the "top of the line" phones. Typically, the Apples, Blackberry, Windows PHone, and Androids. Designed to add apps and run multiple apps at the same time.

Smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry, and Apple give the owner the ability to wireless sync with email, address book, memos, and calendar. Most also have sync for Outlook, GMail, etc. They all have a full qwerty keyboard either on screen or physical. They all can be monitored by corporate IT and be made to adhere to IT policies (No camera use for example).

They typically have better screens (resolution), better cameras, and all the best features such as GPS, removable memory cards, etc.

They used to cost more, but the gap is closing quickly.

Feature phones have lesser hardware and typically do not sync with Outlook or wirelessly. Most will allow you to use as a GMail or AOL Client to read and write emails.

The biggest difference is the cost of service. Most major US Carriers will now require a minimum data plan for a smartphone.

Simply put a Feature Phones are designed for those who only need to Talk and Text ... some do more but VERY badly.

If you want ANYTHING beyond Talk & Text ... get a SmartPhone. But that is where the complexity begins as there is such a huge spectrum of SmartPhones.

To help find the right phone for you ... with exactly the features you want .... use this free online cell phone portal:

Find A Cell Phone

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