Thursday, February 17, 2011

4G Or Not 4G .... That Is The Question

I am questioning the truth in advertising ..... for example:

1) Coverage .... a friend lives in the Los Angeles area and has connected to 4G twice in six months. It is truly fast. What is going on with all this coverage advertising when the largest metropolitan area in the nation has relatively no coverage?

2) 4G standards are very specific as they relate to speed. It is very fast. In many cases the carriers run on the same network in different areas. What is all this BS about I am faster than you???

3) iPhone/Verizon is only offering 3G which is somewhat fast and totally available. They will sell over 10 million phones in less than six months. It appears this is the only truthful offering in the business.

What is going on?

At the moment, 4G is really not that much better than 3G; it is faster but like you have seen coverage is very spotty still. Carriers lie, thats all there is to it about the coverage areas.

Yes, they may run on the same towers but the actual frequencies are different and transmission rates (from my understanding of towers).

The end of it, carriers lie or are very good at putting a spin on their network. I personally still am really angry about how the USA decided to setup its cellular network. Why are we not using a single standard like most of Europe? We really need to address coverage overlap before we start getting to gigabit type speeds on a cell phone.

What good is a 1Gbs data connection if you don't get any signal?

You are encouraged to leave a comment with your own opinion and experiences. The more comments the better ... and maybe we can share these insights to help others equally frustrated.

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Anonymous David Rottmayer said...

Can you give me the specific 4G standard you are talking about when it comes to specifying speed? I know of 3GPPV8 and up standards that address LTE but I have not actually seen a 4G Study Group in ITU or 3GPP. From what I have seen the 4G is a marketing terms not a real standard. Please correct me if I am wrong by sending me the links to see this set of standards.

11:50 AM  

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