Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Are The Top 3 Telecommunications Challenges Faced By Small & Medium Size Businesses When Buying IT Services?

Although there may be many challenges faced by small and medium size businesses when buying IT services .... most can be boiled down to these three:

1. Producing a ROI analysis that convinces the boss to move to an IP based / converged voice and data environment.

2. Deciding whether to go for a hosted/SaaS or premise-based solution.

3. Finding a provider that meets the company's needs.

Most small to medium businesses go right after the technical "glitz" without making a Business case of why they need a new or modified network, how it will improve their business and without a clearcut success measuring tools/methods. When you succumb to the fad and fancy without rolling up your sleeves and getting some homework done first .... you risk these challenges:

1- Lack of what, why and how knowledge

2- Too many choices to choose from

3- Budgetary constraints

Most people dread the thought of having to deal with the phone company! Why? Because they expect to:

■ Talk with four or five providers;

■ Compare pricing;

■ Get confused;

■ Become totally frustrated when they don't get what they expected!

To make the entire process easier, ensure appropriate planning and design as a forethought, and save time & money comparing providers ..... I recommend using the free assistance available through DS3 Bandwidth

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