Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Build A Cell Phone Signal Booster

1. Learn the basics of how it all works. Signal Boosters (aka Repeaters, Amplifiers) all work using the same method. There is a booster connected by a cable to an outside antenna, which communicates with the towers. There is also a cable running from the booster to an inside antenna, which communicates with your device. Sometimes the inside antenns is built-in to the booster. The signal booster receives the signal from the tower with a higher sensitivity than your cell phone (or data card) and adds power as it sends the signal through to your phone. It also works the other way around, sending 4-6 times as much power to the tower than your portable device can by itself.

2. Choose the booster kit that best suits your needs. For a portable solution that you can carry your office, car and home, try the Wilson Sleek or Mobile Professional. To improver the signal in a room or a house, try the Wilson SOHO or DB Pro. There are many other options, but these are some very popular options. For more info, go to the Wilson Electronics website or call them.

3. Install the outside antenna. For portable antennas, this can be as easy as placing the magnetic antenna on a metal surface, such as a car roof or filing cabinet near a window. For home/building mount antennas, you can screw them onto the roofing trim/chimney or clamp it around a pole.

4. From there, run the antenna cable to where the booster will be placed. Usually near a power source, this can be on your desk, in the attic, in a closet, under a vehicle seat, etc.

5. Install the inside antenna. Often you can stick a portable antenna near the headrest or on the dash of your vehicle or just set on your desk or table at the office or home. For larger systems, like the SOHO or DB Pro, you can leave the inside antenna in the attic, mount it on the wall or in a closet.

6. Run a cable from your inside antenna to the booster. If the inside antenna is built-in to the booster, then of course this step is not required.

7. Now the final step - Connecting it all up. Plug the outside antenna cable into the booster where it says "outside antenna" and plug the inside antenna cable where it says "inside antenna". Connect the power cord into the A/C outlet or cigarette lighter plug and also into the booster.

8. The light(s) on the booster should be a steady green and you should see more bars right away! If that's not the case for any reason, there is probably an easy fix. Just call the tech support number written on the amp.

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