Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wireless Networks .... Gearing Up For The Backhaul Challenge

By now there’s no doubt about it. Mobile operators need to get their backhaul networks in condition to meet the burgeoning market for anytime, anywhere data access. Backhaul, once considered the humdrum side of an operator’s network, has become the topic du jour now that the mobile phone customers have shifted to smart phones and are taking advantage of data-hungry services in a big way.

Earlier this month, AT&T reported that its wireless data traffic has grown more than 5,000 percent over the past three years, largely due to smart phones, which are used by about 40 percent of its post-paid customer base. All operators have to contend with this growth, and quickly: smart phones should represent the vast majority (65%) of phones sold in the country by 2012, according to Creative Strategies, an analyst firm.

Operators are taking steps to prepare their networks to meet the expected demand, and the process of identifying specific backhaul needs and configuring the best solutions will force companies to bring the backhaul problem to the forefront of their infrastructure and business planning.

This ebook is a closer look at the available options and considerations operators must keep in mind as they prepare to build out this part of their networks.

Wireless Jumpstart

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