Thursday, November 04, 2010

More On The Pros And Cons Of MPLS Migration

Cons or Negatives ....

1) First of all you won't find too many "cons" but let me share a few with you that we had run into. First off SOMETIMES the pricing on Frame is so low it's very difficult to justify on price alone to make such a change. Of course when you see the "pros" they typically outweigh a hundred bucks a site or whatever.

2) Typical pains of migration might be your 2nd "con". Anytime you are making a move from one technology to another there will be some issues. Anyone who says there will be no issues is a salesperson in a bad way. The fact is you are installing a new circuit, new equipment, etc. Did they tell you the dmarc had to be extended at EVERY site?

3) The third and I think final issue is having to negotiate a new contract. You are probably out of contract and are feeling free as a bird, aren't you? Well if you want MPLS you are going to have to recommit to more than likely a standard 24 or 36 month agreement. If you are getting free equipment and free activation more than likely you'll be looking at 36 months with most carriers.

Now let's talk about the "pros" or the positives. There are many and I guarantee you I am going to miss many positives just because I am writing off the cuff here.

Pros or Positives ....

1) Pricing is often a huge plus. Yes, I know I said pricing is sometimes a negative. But typically you'll save money on converting a large Frame network with all the PVC charges and outdated Frame bundle pricing to a slick MPLS network. Especially if you are coming off Frame from your typical carriers like Qwest, for example.

2) Better communication between sites. MPLS is fully meshed so each site can communicate to the other site! There's much more to this positive and would take a book to explain it all.

3) Faster internet, more bandwidth, more "throughput" are all benefits of converting to MPLS from Frame Relay. Most of my Frame Relay customers had 1.5 Mbps with a CIR (committed information rate) often of half of that rate or less. That means the carrier will NOT guarantee a full T1 speed of 1.5 Mbps. So on an oversubscribed and congested network, for example a bank, users were complaining that getting into their terminal servers and such was time consuming. They figured they were losing tens of thousands of dollars a month on this alone. This is a common irritation among Frame Relay customers.

4) You now have the option of converging your voice and data network. Converging your networks is the latest thing to do for many reasons. For exampleoing to SIP eventually to save big bucks on your voice network. MPLS is necessary to do this effectively.

5) Fully Meshed Network.

6) QoS.

7) Brand New Equipment.

8) Fast Re-route.

For additional assistance specific to designing just the right MPLS architecture for your network .... go to:

Design An MPLS Network

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