Thursday, November 11, 2010

How To Get The Best Pricing On Dedicated Bandwidth For Your Business

You're looking for pricing on dedicated bandwidth for your company's voice and/or data network. It may be T1, DS3, OC3 or ethernet based. It could be for fractional, bonded, burstable, point-to-point, PRI, integrated, or MPLS. Whatever you're need is ... the search experience can be frustrating and painful.

The traditional method of finding a price on bandwidth is to call all the carriers individually, play telephone tag trying to find the right person, get pricing in several days, then compile all the information. This process can literally take WEEKS. Or alternatively, simply call the LEC (Local Exchange Carrier, aka the phone company) and get a price.

Are you seeing the two major problems with this traditional approach?

The first problem is that the price being quoted is most likely "sticker price". Argh! If you are shopping for a car, do you base your purchase decision on the price tag in the window? Hopefully not, because that is RARELY the price you need to pay to get that car!

The other problem is TIME. Where or how are you going to "write off" the 40-80 hours of time that you spend just trying to get pricing from multiple carriers, where the pricing is not going to be "bottom line" pricing anyway?

Here's the solution .... get real time quotes from multiple providers (over 30) all at the same time. With our low price guarantee. INCLUDING additional in depth research and support to ensure you're getting the most cost effective solution for whatever application requirements you're targeting.

An official pricing proposal can be generated within minutes with down-to-the-nickel pricing, including detailed information such as the cost of IP's, installation charges, loop costs, per-minute costs for intrastate and interstate calls (if a voice or integrated circuit), router (if not included), etc.

TIME IS MONEY, and any astute business person realizes this. So if you trade 40-80 hours of non-billable manpower without a low price guarantee for a few minutes of time with us, and end up with a pricing proposal that contains detailed information complete with a Low Price Guarantee which states that this is the lowest price that these carriers will offer for this circuit, are you seeing the benefit this has for you?

We're talking the base definition of "no brainer".

So .... simply request your quotes via the link provided below.

DS3 Bandwidth

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