Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ethernet Peering - The Carrier Quest For Geography Is Over

There has not been a lot of hub-bub about the fact that for the first time carriers can peer their etherent networks instead of using carrier to carrier network to network interfaces called E-NNI.

Why is this important? As a network or internet backboone provider, in order to connect to another carriers network, I used to have to buy a set bandwidth (usually large bandwidth) and cross connect to that single carrier. Using an E-NNI (Network to Network Interface). There was often issues to be engineering out because my ethernet might not be exacxtly the same as yours. Then I would have to sign a bunch of engineering and contract documents. It is very complex. I have to do that for each carrier I want to connect to.

Now I can buy the bandwidth I need and connect to many carriers all through one portal. Ethernet peering is now being offered at seveal telco hotels around the country and the world. Recently the rack and hosting providers have started to expand their offerings with this service.

The game hasn't changed but the field has! Welcome the new little guys to the world and their pricing. It will be interesting.

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