Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sip What is it ?

SIP … WHAT is it ?

SIP (session initialization protocol) is a buzz word around Voip (voice over internet protocol).

What is it ?

SIP is simply the ability to set up and tear down a call path over a data connection using QOS (quality of service).

Why do I care ?

Sip allows virtual movement of call paths from essentially virtual phone numbers that can be pointed to different IP (internet protocol) addresses. This allows the phone call to be directed to wherever and whatever device the person being called chooses.

Who benefits from SIP ?

Many users who mix multiple devices such as desk phones, cell phones, etc can benefit from SIP. In addition those who need an phone line and have a data connection but dont wish to pay for an added line can add SIP and use the data connection as an extra phone line.

Who can use SIP ?

Basically anyone who has a device capable of SIP on both ends of a data connection, and a data provider who supports SIP.

Call me if you want this functionality for your company, it is not as expensive as you think and in many cases we can re deploy other assets to decrease the overall long term cost to your enterprise !

James J Dimmer III

Business Development



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