Monday, September 06, 2010

You Might Be A Smart Phone Addict If .....

You might be a smart phone addict if ......

- You sleep with your smart phone next to you in the bed while it's charging.

- You take it with you to the restroom at home to use while on the throne.

- You are reading this post from your smart phone even though you have a laptop or desktop nearby.

- You're at your desk at work but you check your email on your smart phone.

- You and your significant other have matching smart phones.

- You have the home charger, the work charger, the travel charger, the car charger, and an extra battery just in case.

- You have different color smart phone holsters to match your outfits.

- You forward your home and work calls to your phone, even though you are at home or at work.

- You have more than one smart phone, with you right now.

......... If you can think of more Smart Phone addict "habits" ..... feel free to add them as a comment. ;)

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Anonymous Will said...

Funny - I could add a few of my own!

Guess you never figured out why your Diggs disappeared? Same thing happened to me. I had many posts with 50 to 100 diggs and now they all show zero. Strange thing is that if you search Digg for those posts they are still listed as "submitted", but with no diggs.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Crafty Shawn said...

I didn't have to read this to know I'm a smart phone addict interesting read

8:47 PM  

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