Thursday, September 09, 2010

Warning..... Be Careful When Looking For a Hosted PBX Business VoIP Solution

As popular as Hosted PBX seems to be today for a business VoIP solution..... you need to tread lightly during the decision process or risk making a costly mistake. If you don't pay attention to the details you'll likely be very unhappy with the results.

If you're in the market for a new office phone system, and are considering business VoIP, do your homework. There are lots of providers offering what seems like similar services so make sure you test drive the quality and support before you put your money down. Or at a minimum do meaningful due diligence ahead of time. Also, get the help of a professional to walk you through the mine field of hype and hyperbole so as to avoid making a big (and costly) mistake.

Any consumer making family phone decisions based on Google searches and anonymous message board recommendations can make a mistake, but the unintended consequences aren't more severe than a couple of bucks for a couple of weeks.

A commercial business making similar decisions with no prior experience on putting VOIP systems together is put at much more at risk, including (at the extreme) the livelihood of their employees. A mistake by a business can and likely will cost a LOT more.

There are plenty of business providers in the VOIP space, and many are very competent at what they do, yet any particular otherwise excellent provider might be exactly the wrong carrier for any specific business. A simple example would be "carrier X" which gets 5 star ratings, has a very low cost structure, month to month contracts, and very customer friendly terms. However, if your phone numbers disappear from directory services (411 databases) and/or outbound caller ID name, that carrier could be worthless to you despite its reputation.

If you don't know what questions to ask, then Google searches for business telecom services can lead to big trouble. Especially if one's primary concept of evaluation and comparison is price.

To stay out of trouble I suggest first educating yourself as much as possible by doing meaningful research ahead of time. The best starting point is at the industry information site, which will give you information and help with your VoIP phone connection, tutorials and news about VOIP, help with installation, trouble shoot and solve common use problems, and share a number of practical tutorials. Next I recommend using the free assistance available from Business VoIP Solution to walk you through the decision process and make sure the outcome makes business sense for you and your organization.

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