Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why More Broadband

So why are you looking at expanding your broadband. What drives that thought? Would it be nice just to have more bandwidth for the about the same price you have been paying? Or possible is the push to cloud bug got you? Are web downloads and uploads clogging up your pipes? Whatever the reason you are not alone.

I am a bit of a gadget guy. I do all my upgrades, I want the latest technology, bells and whistles get my attention. So I understand just wanting more bandwidth, bigger hard drives, more memory you name it I want.

The “Cloud Push” is most likely the practical driver. Reducing servers supported in house, all the soft cost and hard headaches that go around the management of those servers. I can totally understand the need to get more bandwidth and less headaches here.

The “Clogged Pipe” reason eludes me a bit. Long before the pipe clogged sluggishness would make me nuts. I remember back in the days of Dial Up and Compeserve, yes I am that old, I hated waiting for my message to download so I can begin my Compuserve session. Then the needed to reconnect and upload my messages. Arhhhh

So did I miss something are there other drivers. Let me know.

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