Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Happy Are Your With Your Broadband Provider?

TA_Dan_Baldwin_BlogPosted 8/26/10 By Dan Baldwin, TA Executive Director, 951-251-5155 email

When was the last time your current telecom voice, Internet or data provider asked you if you thought they were doing a good job? "How was the installation? Did we save you the amount of money the salespersons said you'd save?"

By the time the installation is over both the customer and the carrier want to get on to more pleasant ways to pass the day. What about a month later or a year later? Are you happy or sad half-way into your contract? Does it matter?

Well it matters to Telecom Association. For the past fourteen years we've been keeping a vendor directory of vendors that are supposedly agent and customer friendly. Four years ago we started our "Members Choice" awards to see which vendors are making our members the happiest.

Now in our fifth year we're not only asking our members who independently sell telecom to business end users, we're asking the business end users themselves to vote on how happy or sad their existing or past carriers have made them.

So how happy are you? Click here to vote now or visit We'll be posting interim results in September and the 2010 winners will be posted November 1st at

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