Monday, August 02, 2010

Guy Yasika ..... The Internet Highway

This weeks entry will be short and sweet. Michael has asked me to filling in while he takes a break and focuses his attention on other areas of his life. Wishing you the best Michael, you are in our prayers.

My background starts as a Z-80 programmer, trained in CICS COBOL, Moved in recruiting and sales. Want to know more feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

My view on this Internet is much like the US Highway system. Now that the road is laid what is going to get built along that road. When Route 66 was the main road connecting cities you had all types of services that popped up to service that market. Then the super highways came and the old routes struggled for survival. Those business either changed or went away. The new highways brought new opportunities and new services and handled more traffic then ever.

That is the perceptive I come from. The fiber is being laid or has been laid. Big pipes are here what does that mean for your business. How do you benefit for those pipes.

Hopefully we can explore these thoughts together. Thanks Michael for the opportunity and wishing you a speedy return.

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