Monday, August 16, 2010

Does Your Cell Phone Cost Too Much?

Cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones, mobile internet - connectivity has become a hallmark of our society.

This a reality for both business and families. From a personal perspective, with all of my kids having cell phones, we no longer really use our land-line at home. Except to maintain it as an emergency number for school and such. We have gone completely wireless, and there has been some shock in terms of cost, but ultimately it was just working with the cell phone companies to find the right plan to meet our needs.

In business cell phones and cell phone bills have long been a necessary evil. I have seen monthly phone bills that were over $100k/month. In the context of a hundred million dollar company maybe this is in line, but do organizations really keep a close eye on cell phone and connectivity costs? If they don't, perhaps they should?

At a family level with 6 or 8 people, and one or two residential internet connections, spending 15 minutes each month going through the charges and spending an hour on the phone with the service provider is well worth the effort.

However, what about a company with 600 cell phones? What about 6000 cell phones? Managing such a huge number of devices and managing the billing costs is a huge expense in and of itself.

Here are my questions:

Are you ready to go completely wireless?

Have you ever suffered from "bill shock"? How much is your average monthly cell phone bill?

Do you use mobile internet (Aircard)?

What strategies do you use to control cell phone (and internet) costs?

For more information on cell phone “bill shock” read this ……

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To see what you can do to save on your cell phone bills look here ……

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Blogger Magnus said...

Being a rather heavy user myself, with a rather retarded approach to discipline, I thought it extremely prude to get myself onto a prepaid cellphone package. I travel quite a bit, which makes coverage quite important. It was initially only for that reason that I opted to take on a strait talk package, for they don't rely on one carrier, but many - which negates the extra cost of roaming calls. The $45 strait talk option, gives me unlimited minutes, texts, and data. I didn't give it much thought until a close friend complained bitterly about being charged an extra $24, on a $70 package. It turned out that his package didn't come close to comparing with my own usage ability. But besides getting more for less, I am convinced that the best way to deal with end-of-the-month cellphone bills, is not to have them in the first place.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous phone bills said...

The bills are just getting higher with every passing month.The more i call the worst they become. wireless is an option. left a link i though you would find relevant.all the best

8:30 AM  

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