Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blackberry Or iPhone …… Which Is Best For A Business?

There are several considerations to be made when trying to make this decision. Many organizations have devices in each category. Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Iphone and Android.

The Blackberry is a true favorite of some users who use the Blackberry's business communication features heavily. Company contacts are easily managed and administration is is relatively easy when using the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

For the users that use their phones in a dual capacity, i.e. home / social and corporate use, the Iphone and Android win out with Windows Mobile 6 coming in last from a usability standpoint.

In my experience, the Iphone and the Android are more limited in their support of multiple address books. This can make synchronizing and managing personal contacts along with company contacts more difficult. Using older Exchange features like public folders complicates things a bit.

The Iphone's price and lack of different networks limits its popularity in many offices.

One key benefit to Windows Mobile is its ability to use Microsoft Office Communicator.

In one local business the Android is becoming the favorite from the end users perspective. With less than 50 phones the administration is relatively easy. In a big enterprise I would recommend the Blackberry .

BlackBerry the corporate world the you must view it from the corporate point of view. BlackBerry offers hands down the best infrastructure to deploy corporate applications, that will make it great for the organization management. Iphone offers a vast or endless choices of non corporate applications and the security can be compromised.

Bottom line …. I’d answer the question with “Blackberry all the way”.

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Blogger Jeffrey Pearl said...

I was a dedicated Blackberry user for years! I switched to the IPhone for a change, to try something new. I like it, but more importantly, If you believe that all wireless devices will be communicating via IP, as I do. You will need to use the best device to support soft clients and other VoIP apps.

10:53 AM  

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