Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hulu Going Subscription .... What's The Alternative?

It appears that Hulu will no longer be free. They're moving toward a paid subscription model.

In an interview of CEO Jonathan Nelson on Charlie Rose he said they were soon going payware because fee based services, as well as ad supported, was the model that works best. Charlie Rose had to drag it out of him, but he finally admitted to this plan.

They're making a slow drive towards a pay model because they could potentially make more through an Itune's like model of pay-per-episode.

Right now there's no alternative, except to go directly to the broadcaster - as most put up the shows on their site. Most major channels have some sort of capacity to watch recent episodes after the broadcast premier. Some require you to have a certain ISP/telecom while others require you to live in a certain country. If you're in America, you should be ok - but outside of North America is where it'll get tricky if not impossible to watch shows legally.

"Hulu, which ranks second only to Google's YouTube in terms ...... generated more than $100 million in revenue from advertising."

Greedy morons. It's the fact that it's free that so many use it. They need to look at the real world. Online games that where once month sub are now also going free to play using other means to make there money. The wells are drying up. If they want bigger profit margins, pay the ceo's more realist salaries.

Besides, all these big corps need to get their heads out of their rear ends and realize, without the customers, there would be no companies for the money bags to invest in. Stop worrying about investors and worry about the customers. Make them happy and you'll have something attract the investors.

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