Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Resources To Help With Medical Imaging Bandwidth Solutions

Following is a list of information packed articles to help you solve your issues with medical imaging bandwidth network design and installation. You'll get tips on what to look for, what to ensure is part of any design package, how to compare providers for any solution you decide upon, and where to find the best deals so you have the best chance at the most cost effective solution.

* How Can You Be Sure You're Choosing the Right Medical Imagery Bandwidth Solution?

The answer is going to depend largely on the type of image. Each image type has different characteristics. Generally speaking .... the best method for medical imagery applications depends on volumes of information and timescales for transmission, storage, processing. The best solution for any company has to be specific to their needs. This article walks you through what to "ask" and includes case study scenarios.

* Challenges And Solutions For Medical Imaging Bandwidth Requirements

A Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) is integral to the smooth, timely, and quality delivery of health care in every medical setting today. However, PACS have long faced challenges in delivering this digital imaging support. The main issue has always been the availability of sufficient bandwidth (load and speed).....at a reasonable cost.....to support the growing demand for quick easy web-based access by medical providers. Enter the digital solution.

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