Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Resources For Deciding And Designing Video Conference System Bandwidth Requirements

Following is a list of information packed articles to help you solve your bandwidth issues with video conferencing network design and installation. You'll get tips on what to look for, what to ensure is part of any design package, how to compare providers for any solution you decide upon, and where to find the best deals so you have the best chance at the most cost effective solution.

* Plan Ahead - Determine Your Bandwidth Requirements For Video Conferencing Early

With the decision to implement enterprise-level videoconferencing comes a requirement for bandwidth solutions which are reliable and cost effective. Businesses need to plan ahead for this critical need.

* Is DSL The Right Choice For Your Video Conferencing Backbone?

When implementing video conferencing capabilty many businesses are more focused on the make-up of the video suite itself.....and assume that DSL bandwidth is sufficient for their network backbone. Whether this be an existing network or intended new install.....assuming that DSL is sufficient to support your requirements may be shortsighted. Beware, there's more out there to consider.

* What's The Best Bandwidth Platform For Video Conferencing And Multi-Media Functions?

Designing the "perfect" delivery infrastucture for video conferencing and multi-media functions can seem complicated, labor intensive, time consuming, and costly. But what's most important is the evaluation process you would use....what you would likely choose (e.g. T1, DS3, OC3, Ethernet)...and why. Have a plan for that....and all will fall into place.

* A Cheap Solution For Small Business Video Conferencing

For a small business trying to decide on a network solution which will be required to support video conferencing and multi-media applications ... the journey can be aggravating. Basically ... give me an open check and I will spend every dime on bandwidth pipes. Give me a fixed budget and I will squeeze every dime of bandwidth with compression techniques and accept the quality trade off.

* Can SIP Solve Your Business Requirements For Video Conferencing And Multi-Media?

Something few mention as an option to meet video conferencing and multi-media needs, which I find quite odd, is SIP!!! However, to address incorporating SIP as a component of your video conferencing suite and multi-media solution ... there's a few considerations.

* What Are The Bandwidth Requirements For Business Video Conferencing And Multi-Media Applications?

A commonly asked question ..... and one that often causes confusion and headaches .... concerns just how much bandwidth does a business require for video conferencing and multi-media applications. Here's how to find the right answer for YOUR business.

* How to Determine the Best Bandwidth Solution For Video Conferencing & Multi-Media Applications

Your business intends to make extensive use of video conferencing and multi-media applications. How do you determine what bandwidth solution (T1, DS3, OCx/Sonet, etc.) would best meet your needs and incorporate that decision into your network cover these applications?

* Shopping For a Video Conferencing System - Where to Start

You're looking to implement a video conferencing system to support your company's communication needs. You're starting from scratch and it appears to be a daunting task. Where do you start?

* Getting the Right Bandwidth For Your Video Conferencing Applications

Video conferencing actually encompasses a range of technologies used in a wide range of situations, often it is not just video and audio that is transmitted, but also data, allowing collaborative working though shared applications. All of this means having sufficient bandwidth supporting your network is the critical performance factor.

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