Thursday, June 17, 2010

Real Time Rate Quotes For T1 And DS3 Bandwidth

The site consists of leading-edge technology that allows T1 lines, bonded T1 lines and DS3 circuits to be priced in real time.

This depends on your entry of the correct street address and corresponding phone number of the location where the line would be installed. If that information is accurate, the pricing given will reflect accurate quotes.

Although not priced in real time, we also provide very competitive quotes on frame relay, point to point, MPLS/PNT, VOIP, colo, wireless RF, Ethernet, VPN, GigE, and OC-3 through OC-192 circuits.

Please note that is an agent for over 30 of the top and first tier carriers in the telecom industry; carriers who are in this business for the long term, instead of 2nd or 3rd tier carriers who may be gone tomorrow.

With our top agency status, we have a close relationship with these carriers so we can determine in real time which of them can provide service to your location and the pricing that they can provide.

Based on the volume of business that generates for these carriers every month, these carriers guarantee that customers get the lowest price that they are able to offer, which is backed up by our written Low Price Guarantee.

Ordering via as a Master Agent also provides you yet another benefit, which is ME and my partner.

Based on the volume of business that we do with these carriers, we have a direct line into senior management and vice presidents at each of the carriers ..... and if you are ever having a problem with your circuit that the carrier is not resolving in a timely manner, we want you to get us involved. We will use those carrier contacts and can make heads roll on your behalf, which Iwe are happy to do through the term of your contract for the circuit.

To get yourself a free quote simple go here:

Real Time Rate Quote For T1 And DS3 Bandwidth

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