Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Does DIA Over Fiber Cost?

This seems to come up more and more recently …. as more areas go through a fiber build out … and businesses look to that fiber web as a possible solution to meet their voice/data network connectivity requirements. The natural progression is that businesses are more aggressive now in looking for information regarding what carriers charge for DIA using Fiber access.

In general ….. 10 megs of DIA delivered via fiber will on run on average around $2300 (monthly). You could get an entire DS3 circuit (45 meg) for about $1000 more. Again, this would depend on your location and loop costs. If Metro Ethernet is an option, that would be about $600 for 10 megs - again depending on your location.

Now most providers will not hand you off fiber for only 10 MB commitment, most fiber drops are for GigE circuits (Gigabit Ethernet) which usually carries a 100 MB commitment from most larger providers. For 10 MB you are probably going to have a Ethernet handoff or a Coax DS3. Depending on the availability of Ethernet where you are located.

To get an accurate cost for any given location … and also verification if fiber is even available there …. I suggest you use the free “search and compare” service available at: Bandwidth Solution

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