Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Telecom / IT VAR Partner Program … Perfect Strategic Marketing

Would you like FREE Leads For Your Telecom Equipment Sales & Installation Services ..... AND Earn Commissions On Dedicated Bandwidth Circuits Too?

There is zero cost to become a VAR, and we offer you a percentage of the commission on any circuits that are sold via a lead that you originated, which is a monthly payment for the duration of each circuit’s term. The percentage of commission split is commensurate with the number of sales that you bring to the table.

As a VAR, you can have as much or as little involvement with the bandwidth sale as you desire. From one extreme of being totally involved from beginning to end, to the other extreme of basically “throwing the lead over the fence” to be closed. We are an agent for over 30 top/first tier carriers nationwide, offering bandwidth from T1 (full, fractional, voice, integrated, data) to DS3 to Point-To-Point to Frame Relay to MPLS to collocation to GigE and OC-3 to OC-192. The lead comes in through your specific website so it is tagged with your ID, and then we work with the customer, the carrier Channel Managers, (and/or you, as you desire) to get the best possible price and solution for the customer’s requirements. This then frees you up to be able to suggest and provide your value-added services to your clients, without spinning your wheels to find the best deal on bandwidth for your client.

It really does work out to be a win-win-win situation. Your client wins because they have gotten the best pricing possible from a top tier/first tier carrier. You win because your time is freed to be able to concentrate on providing your value-added services to your customer, as well as sharing the commission on the circuit sale, as well as having found excellent bandwidth value for your client. And we win because this additional sale helps to reinforce our Platinum agent status with the carriers we represent.

We only represent Top/First Tier carriers. Based on the volume of business that we provide to each of our carriers every month, these carriers allow us to *guarantee* our customers the lowest price possible that they will offer for the same circuit/term/location. We back this up with our Low Price Guarantee, which states that if a customer gets a lower price from one of our carriers or another reseller for the same service at the same term at the same location, we do 2 things upon verification of the quote: (1) we match that price with that same carrier, and (2) we pay 20% of the customer’s entire first month’s bill, up to $500.

We are an agent for ACC Business, AT&T, Sprint, MCI/Verizon, BellSouth, TelePacific, Netifice, Xspedius, USLEC, Megapath, Nuvox, Telnes, AireSpring, Qwest, PowerNet Global, UCN, Paetec, Level 3, TW Telecom, New Edge, One Communications, Broad Sky, Cavalier, Covad, Network Innovations, Broadwing, and many more. And again, each of these comes with our Low Price Guarantee.

Our web sites also have a “VAR Lookup Tool” function for customers. Frequently a customer needs bandwidth AND an application solution, or perhaps only needs a network application solution such as colo or VOIP or perhaps the customer is looking for a router or IT consulting services. Using this tool, the customer can search our VAR database, specify what they are seeking, and find contact information for YOUR company ..... as well as a description of the types of products/services YOU can offer, with your contact information readily displayed for them to contact you directly. We negotiate with you for a percentage of the charges for that client that was referred to you through us.

As one of our VAR’s or Strategic Marketing Partners, you get a website very similar this one. Your customers can go into this website 24x7 and get REAL TIME and instant pricing information for:

* T1 (full, fractional, dedicated, integrated, local voice, long distance voice).
* DS3 (full, fractional).

And since we are aware the very second that a customer visits your website, we can be in touch with your customer and/or you (as you desire, your choice) .... to provide additional information on this circuit request and/or other circuit types; i.e., frame relay, point to point, MPLS, VOIP, OC3 through OC192, VPN, collocation, etc.

If you any have questions .... or are interested in getting started as a VAR - Strategic Marketing Partner ..... simply register your interest here:

Telecom VAR Partner Program

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