Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Much Does SIP Trunk Calling Cost?

There are two types of SIP trunking, private and public - private is a direct line (T1, Ethernet, etc) to the carrier network, and public SIP uses the internet as transport.

If an internet SIP trunk provider were to charge their clients the same way as they themselves are charged for wholesale SIP... then they would usually charge a flat fee per inbound simultaneous SIP trunk. They don't get any minutes on inbound calls which is why they need to make money on the trunk. Typically between $10-$20 per inbound trunk.

Outbound on the other hand shouldn't cost anything per trunk, you just pay for minutes. If 100% of your traffic was outbound and you do a lot of minutes, I know providers who would give you an unlimited number of outbound SIP trunks and simply charge per minute which can range from $0.015-$0.04 per minute for LD and Local.

Private SIP trunks carry different costs. You need to pay for the loop and port for the circuit first. Some carriers sell SIP based on bandwidth... so if you need 3megs worth of SIP calls you just pay for the appropriate port size and you can do whatever you want over it (SIP, internet, data). Other carriers charge for the loop and port, plus per simultaneous SIP session and they productize every little thing you want to use. Private SIP sessions can range in cost from $12-20. It's almost highway robbery to charge per SIP trunk on a private circuit because by the time you pay for the loop and port (which are usually the only costs associated with a PRI).. you then have to pay per channel. A T1's worth of private SIP trunks... usually about 17 simultaneous calls unless you use G.729 will cost roughly $500-$600/mth including loop and port.

With private SIP, you also have to make sure that your phone system is supported by the carrier.

SIP services are all being charged in different ways by different carriers, it's very confusing.

In the US, CLEC's don't usually charge for inbound calls. My clients haven't paid per call charges for inbounds calls (LEC or CLEC) on any type of dedicated trunks for years (except 800 numbers, which is the LD rate - a couple cents).

For help sifting through all the options and potential price points … and to find the most cost effective solution for your specific needs … I recommend taking advantage of the free assisitance here:

Cost For SIP Trunking

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SIP trunk could be used to work with Voice over IP solution in business establishments. This is a solution that utilizes existing wired PBX models for communications for linking traditional telephone networks to external environment through the net.

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