Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Future Of Business VoIP

The future of business VoIP holds the potential for much improvement …. Especially if the pace of positive change and innovation holds to it’s current course.

In the next few years, we will see the completion of the integration of voice, video and data networks within corporations. The TelCos will be a bit slower to replace TDM systems completely.

That said, we will see improvements in reliability and the expansion of soft applications for voice/video related functions. We are currently learning what possibilities may arise with new systems - new features that will improve business and increase revenue if implemented correctly. These will include mobility applications, data integration such as with ERP systems data and many more. We see the growing significance of 'Data Warehouses'. Voice integration possibilities with Data Warehouses applications appears to be limitless. Look at what has happened with Smart Phones. Expect that to expand. Expect to see better VoIP integration with cellular services.

Look to companies that know these areas best with the most experience in any given area. They will be the pioneers.

Bottom line is that I do not see an end to innovation. The sky is the limit.

Now regarding cost ….. Phone systems and phone services will always cost money, but costs may come down as efficiencies improve with better SIP services and more seamless integrations. However, do not count on slicing your telecommunications budget. Although new features such as Mobility and Telecommuting will result in lower costs for corporations, they will likely result in rising Telecommunications budgets. Particularly in light of the current economic woes across the globe.

Enterprise VoIP has begun to make great progress over the last several years. To achieve this in difficult economic times proves the genuine commitment to VoIP. Still the larger organizations are deploying VoIP in migratory phases while continuing to maintain the TDM network until timing and budget is right for further conversion to VoIP. A remote office, new location or renovated department will be converted to VoIP but existing departments and locations can remain TDM for some time moving forward. VoIP at the Enterprise level has been heavily promoted since 2000 yet it is still in its beginnings ten years later.

For the smaller client Hosted IP solutions provide a compelling product with many features offered at a low entry-level price point. These customers must remember when committing to a hosted solution that you are only as good as the Service Providers network and when systems are down you at the mercy of their staffs ability to remedy the situation. Some Hosted Solution providers are more heavily leveraged than others. This can result in greater susceptibility to future staff reductions, network failures and eventual deterioration in customer service. Always remember when committing to a Hosted Solution that the providers network reliability and customer service is your lifeline to an up and running VoIP Solution.

If you do need assistance finding the the most cost effective business VoIP solution solution for your business today … I recommend taking advantage of the free support provided through this online resource: Business VoIP Solution

Note ……. If you are talking about the convergence of voice, video and data onto a single network architecture with built in redundancy, then the future looks good. If you are talking about voice over an IP network, then you are talking about a service that is becoming more of a commodity by the minute.

The value in the future is in the total management of on-premises and hosted voice, video and data. A total solution set is necessary for long term viability of any company and any sales organization.

We are quickly moving past the arguments of hosted or on-premises PBXs. If you are not talking total communications and technology management, you are missing the real wave of change.

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Anonymous Business VoIP said...

"Well you have made things quite simple for an ordinary user. Now a days, every business is looking for some cheap communication solution. Obviously, nothing can be cheap than the voip phone service. So ultimately, business voip solutions are selling like hot cakes in the market. Even the critics are surprised at this sudden outbreak of voip service.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VoIP does not equal Cheap.

Vonage = Cheap
Skype = Cheap
FreePBX = Cheap

Enterprise quality VoIP is not cheap, but for about the same money as you would spend on legacy telephony you can have a fully redundant, much more flexible solution that can help improve communications within your organization to the point that you can make more money. But please don't mistake the fact that you can get way more for similar money to mean that VoIP is cheap.

12:41 PM  

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