Thursday, April 08, 2010

DS3 Bandwidth … What It Is And What It Does

As bandwidth increases beyond 10 mbps, the price per meg decreases. i.e. an average price for one T1 now averages about $500 per month. With full DS3, the price per T1 typically averages about $125 per month or less. The monthly savings for larger bandwidths such as fractional and full DS3 result in significant savings on a per meg basis.

A DS3 or T3 bandwidth connection will handle the most bandwidth-intensive applications. A DS3 (or T3) is a digital communications link that supports data transmission rates of about 44 Mbps. A DS3 line consists of 672 individual channels, each of which supports 64Kbps. DS3 services allow cost effective connectivity from 15Mbps to 44Mbps.

If you do need assistance finding the most cost effective DS3 Bandwidth solution solution for your business today … I recommend taking advantage of the free support provided through this online resource: DS3 Bandwidth Solution

DS3 Bandwidth Solution also includes a Low Price Guarantee .... they guarantee that the rate quotes you receive will not be beaten by any "inside salesman", websites, or agents for that service provider. If you find a better deal, theye will match that price and send you a refund check for 20% of your 1st month's bill (up to $500)!

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