Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Is The Best Cell Phone Deal, Best Cell Phone, Best Service Plan, Etc. Right Now?

There really is no simple cut and dried answer to this question. The best and most honest answer is .... "it depends".

What may be best in one place may not be in another. What may be best one day will change even overnight. That's just the nature of the cell phone industry today.

"A" may be the best phone in Kansas .... but "D" is the best phone in Maine. "X" may have the best plan in California .... but "Y" has the best plan in Georgia.

It also depends on whether the cell phone is primarily for personal use or business use. Does a simple cell phone (with or without camera, internet, music, etc.) meet the intended use ..... or is a Blackberry, Palm, iPhone, or other advanced application filled device more suitable?

Plus ... who's the primary user? Young single professional .... teenager ..... college student .... active older business person .... family?

There's lots of variables that must be considered to decide on a "best" of anything .... for that specific user.

So there really is no consistentcy for an answer. The only constant is ... it varies.

That said you're most likely to see Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile mentioned the most (at least in the US) for cellular providers. But even that isn't a gimme.

To help though .... there is an aggregrate comparison website available to help the individual make just such a complicated decision. They don't take a position of who or what is best. They simply share the results of a visitor initaiated "search and compare" ..... based on whatever specific parameters you enter as your "most important".

The results of this "search and compare" will list different providers available at a given location you enter ... and include prices and available plans. One aspect I like is that they include unadvertized special pricing deals you wouldn't otherwise know about. Nice little feature .... updated weekly I believe.

For more information go to: Best Cell Phone

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