Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Are You Bundling Your Communications Services ….. Cable TV, Phone, And Internet?

Although not necessarily a new concept … it seems that many either don’t know about bundling as an option or don’t understand it enough to make a decision one way or another.

Basically you’d be looking for a service provider who can bundle all communications services ….... cable TV/ internet/ phone/ fax/ wireless internet/ cell phone services for example.

The benefit … or at least the pitch used to market bundled services ….. is that your communications needs/desires are met by a more cost-effective solution with integrated services.

More often than not ... the only bundling packages you'll see will include just Cable TV, high speed internet, and land line phone (usually done as a broadband phone). Rarely ….. unless the local provider has the capability ….. or partners with another provider ….. will you also see fax and cell as potential add-ons. Fax may be easier to link with your landline phone. Cellular ... not so easy and usually will have to be separate from other services.

There's an online search tool which allows you to find bundled package options comparing available providers by location. It uses zip code or phone number to identify the location to search ... and presents the findings online in a few seconds. It will usually identify any special offers if they apply too. That’s a nice feature since you can’t often get a straight answer from talking to a salesperson personally …. on the phone or in person. They’re liable to tell you anything.

To try out this search and compare tool for yourself go to: Bundled Communications Services

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