Thursday, February 25, 2010

Advantages And Disadvantages Of GPON

Does GPON have any advantages over Gig ethernet over long distance fibre?

I’m going to presume we're talking IEEE 802.3ah GEPON (Gig Ethernet over PON).

PON is designed as an access technology not a network interconnect technology. If the application is private campus LAN interconnect rather than Metro Access layer / central services -> subscribers (FTTx type stuff) then PON probably isn't the right technology as you'd have to add a PON line cards (OLT), splitters and subscriber CPE (ONU) + configure / manage the PON network + you probably would have asymmetrical data rates on the PON links.

I think the main GEPON advantage is around the passive nature of the infrastructure (and so very high reliability). There are some other potential benefits around PON in that you can guarantee bandwidth to services / subscribers (as you allocated TDMA slots to subscribers). Staying with traditional (active) gig ethernet for Campus type applications means one infrastructure, ethernet media port flexibility and just banging in the right 1000Base-X transceivers - so if there are just a few links that's probably going to be cheaper than using use PON anyway.

PON uses passive (unpowered) splitters in the distribution so the maximum length for a subscriber from the OLT is usually shorter than a AON connection BUT you'll need powered device(s) in the network between the headend and the subscriber.

Remember PON is a shared architecture through the use of passive splitters. So a GPON solution can serve many location dependent upon how you structure your splitter arrangements. GigE is a point to point structure and good for Business class access tails etc.

GPON tends to be used by a carrier to provide commercial grade access to many locations in a cost effective manner (excluding the fibre dig)...

Also look at the MEF and try to come to grips with the E-Line types of service ….. as these are also useful applications.

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