Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What Is A Business VoIP Solution?

Business VoIP means all business Telephony needs use the IP protocol.

First ..... this means that a business VoIP service does NOT use the Internet or as little as possible. Or if you are a major Internet provider, a secluded segment of that Internet cloud that uses smart routing to limit the number of hops.

Second ..... it is good to keep in mind that about 10% of any VoIP or IPT solution is telecommunication. The other 90% is IT application management.

Third ..... all major vendor solutions have their pluses and minuses. Currently Alcatel Lucent seems to be a bit ahead of Cisco in fixed to mobile convergence, but is somewhat more expensive per subscriber and a bit less scalable.

Centrally hosted is less expensive per user and allows for standardization. Decentralized is more expensive but can more easily allow for continuous operation when a WAN link is interrupted. I am thinking of an Ethernet TLAN or an MPLS Voice Class. Not Internet.

As complicated as deciding what the best business VoIP solution may seem .... it doesn't need to be. You can get free help evaluating your options and deciding the best course of action here ......

Business VoIP Solution

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Anonymous Business VoIP said...

I agree that every major vendor in business voip industry has some pluses and minuses but same is the case with every industry. In voip phone industry, vonage has so many hidden costs. Axvoice is also a good company but they have fewer ring bell tunes. Sometimes customer go to vonage for more bells and sometimes they go to axvoice for a quality service.

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