Monday, December 21, 2009

What Are The Best Solutions For Telecom Lifecycle Management?

So .... what ARE the best solutions for Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM)?

To answer you must first understand that TLM (aka TEM, TAM, TIM) refers to the management of the planning, design, procurement, provisioning, payment and ongoing support of Telecom services.

Currently, this is one of the fastest growing segments of the managed service industry. However, as with most managed services, a close inspection of the offering is in order.

Many vendors offering this service are interested in the expense management (audit and payment of bills) segment of TLM without delivering on the other segments noted above.

Their offerings suggest the notion that most phone bills contain errors which can be remedied using their service. The reality is actually nearly the opposite. Most errors (nearly 90%) on phone bills are actually the result of phone carriers not charging enough for their services. This is validated through Qwest Communication's recent offering of TEM software to their enterprise customers.

So why do some companies offer this service? Simple, money. TEM services are in essence a loss leader that allows the service provider complete access to network inventory. This allows them a huge advantage when it comes to placing service orders for the customer’s voice and data services, of which they receive ample commissions for from the carriers.

Additionally, TEM providers make money by generating interest on the float the customer’s telecom spend represents (similar to payroll companies).

For further ideas on the subject I recommend reading the following article:


For help finding a service provider in your local area I recommend using the search portal available at:

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