Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Solutions For IP Transit Delivery

Increased demand by businesses for high quality Internet access continues to grow .... as more critical applications rely on Internet Protocol (IP) technology.

One such critical application in the business world is the increasingly widespread adoption of voice over internet protocol ..... typically called VoIP or IP Telephony. Performance of business VoIP systems depends mightily on reliable internet connectivity. Meaning not only the software involved in voice packet transmission across internet boundries .... but the very circuittry involved in that network connection. The key dynamic here is the bandwidth backbone installed to support this application. Depending on the size of the business (number of users per say) ..... and the frequency, duration, and volume of voice traffic needing to be transmitted ..... the likely basis for this backbone would be T1 lines or DS3 bandwidth. In very large system designs it's possible that OC3 bandwidth would be the better choice.

Whatever the design requirement needed for constructing an IP network for transmitting voice ... I strongly recommend taking the hassle and worry out of the process by taking advantage of the NO COST assistance available through:

Business VoIP Solution


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