Friday, December 25, 2009

How Do You Deploy Unified Communications In Your Business Environment?

Deployment of communications depends on a number of variables - and none of them are "rocket science." But having a methodology to help you make some distinctions about specific activities, can help insure success.

To simplify a few steps, you need to understand that deploying Unified Communications is a multi-step process which includes planning, designing, implementing and optimizing.

Before implementation …. planning and designing is half the battle. This includes understanding the underlying business need for voice and data convergence …. as well as discovering if the current infrastructure is capable of supporting the end solution.

Generally, most organizations have an existing infrastructure and PBX in place …. and will need a variety of upgrades to prep their network environment for Unified Communications including PoE switches and voice gateways. While this may be costly …. and require an greater upfront capital outlay …. the tangible ROI benefits are quantifiable.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits, and/or need help with the process, I suggest contacting Bandwidth Solutions to assist you in your implementation.

Bandwidth Solutions

They can source UC equipment vendors such as Cisco … as well as help design the appropriate backbone infrastructure to ensure your network applications are fully supported.

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