Friday, December 11, 2009

Designing A Global Ethernet Based WAN (Wide Area Network)

First, the final network design depends very largely on what locations you need to cover. Very few providers have complete coverage in every single location - most have 'gaps' in some countries. Most providers can/do provide connectivity everywhere but may be expensive .... as they may need very long local loops to their nearest POP - which may also lead to long latency as well as higher cost. Keep in mind too that although cost may vary .... selecting solely on cost is not wise. Performance, reliability, repeatability, SLA, QoS, etc. are much more important from a business viewpoint. Who the provider partners with in each country is also important.

Most important is an upfront review of your organization’s current network design and issues, and goals for future network strategy. Be sure to define upcoming business needs including organizational and structural changes that could affect WAN capacity planning, traffic flow, and application performance. For example, Ethernet transport is ideally suited for high bandwidth sites like data centers with converged services, while IP VPN transport is better suited for larger quantities of smaller bandwidth sites with TDM access. By understanding goals and requirements, you can then craft a complete and cost effective global WAN solution.

For help in accomplishing this design .... at no cost to you .... I strongly recommend taking advantage of the services offered through Bandwidth Solutions

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