Monday, November 23, 2009

Is It DS3 Bandwidth Or T3 Bandwidth?

In short, a DS3 is a frame structure (28 T1s plus 1.504 mbps overhead, all interweaved in a certain way, etc, etc). A T3 is an actual interface (certain peak-to-peak voltage, certain impedance, etc).

It's rare that you would ever get your hands on an actual DS3 because that is created by, say, a T3 mux. T1s as input, DS3 frame created from those, and T3 out for further transmission. In that example, there’s never a discrete DS3 out in the open - it exists only inside the mux and only briefly.

To (hopefully) further clarify, you won't find a SONET box with a DS3 interface. It'll have a T3 interface.

They're pretty much used interchangeably in industry though. Except that DS3 is the usual terminology used in the US .... while T3 is the terminology most often used in Europe and Asia.

DS3 dedicated internet service offers 45 Mbps of upload and download capability. That's enough to support a medium size or larger office, including file transfers, email and Web browsing, video conferencing, and real-time ecommerce activities.

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