Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Converged Network Services & Unified Communications ..... Fad Or The Future?

We are finding a huge pull for convergence among all of our clients. The desire is certainly there for the end users but, we are still finding federated communications to be a Nirvana from the vendor perspective.

Many companies are attempting and succeeding to unify proprietary handsets and PBX design .... by enabling an overarching openess and onboard management solution in most of these cases.

More power to these clever outfits because from what we see, their offering is a real plus in many ways to modern businesses. From reducing communication costs, to improving communications effciency, the benefits of convergence are clear and have been for sometime.

However, I am sure if you ask those clever folks if they think handset manufacturers of say, dual mode phones or IP PBX's, make it easy for them. I doubt it will be a resounding YES of course.

That said, SIP and other protocols are helping us in the right direction. Companies who privately invest in research would always have a reason to ignore true cooperation of communications. Mostly by way of a constant drive towards USP's to hold greater market share of unit sales .... and thereby, recoup such investments. Therefore, for anyone to then try to develop a system to talk to "all" in 100 different code types or more, makes things tricky and costly.

To suddenly say we can get all this technology on the network is still in many cases, a theory. Without true federated communications and standards, convergence doesn't equate to a simple to deploy solution in the real world in many instances.

Each contributor in the space needs to make it simple to see, control, present, maintain and operate their own devices centrally. Sharing this commonality with other vendors in a true co-op. People are different .... and so choice has to remain. But not at the cost of huge management overhead for businesses and IT managers.

We need to share a common language to make this truely workout as the dream promises it can be.

The advantages of UC and convergence are many. I hope one day we will have a system in which we share for the greater good of communication .... and not just corporation.

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