Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Ethernet Bandwidth Choices For Your Business Network

Here's an explanation of some of the Ethernet Bandwidth choices you have for your Business Network.

* Ethernet LAN Service (E-LAN) .....

E-LAN is a multipoint-to-multipoint bridging service designed for any-to-any connectivity between your dedicated ports. It is provisioned over fiber optics between your premises and serving wire center and connects subscriber locations at native LAN speeds of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

Consider E-LAN if your business requires metro any-to-any connectivity at native LAN speeds.

Features ........

- Is configured by connecting customer user network interfaces (UNIs) with one multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet virtual connection (EVC) or virtual LAN (VLAN)

- Provides full port speed with two class of service (CoS) options — standard and real time

- Is ideal for intracompany voice and LAN-to-LAN data applications

- Is suitable for metro LAN interconnectivity

- Allows you to control your own VLANs and Layer 2 protocols

* Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

EVPL is an all-fiber-optic network service that connects subscriber locations at native LAN speeds. EVPL uses point-to-point Ethernet virtual connections (EVCs) to define site-to-site connections.

Consider EVPL if you need converged, high-speed, point-to-point connectivity.

Features .....

- Can be configured to support multiple EVCs to enable hub and spoke configuration

- Supports a wide variety of EVC bandwidth options so you can incrementally scale bandwidth to meet your growing network requirements

- Offers EVCs in 1 Mbps increments from 1–10 Mbps, 10 Mbps increments from 10–100 Mbps and 100 Mbps increments from 100–1000 Mbps

- Allows you to purchase and provision only what you need, then scale bandwidth as your network requirements grow

- Offers predictable performance for customer applications

- Is ideal for converging real-time voice, video and data

- Provides three metro class of service (CoS) options — basic, priority data and real time

* Ethernet Private Line (EPL) .......

EPL is a fully managed, high-bandwidth, point-to-point transport service for Ethernet frames.

Consider EPL if your business requires a secure, dedicated end-to-end LAN interconnectivity solution.

Features ....

- Is provisioned over next-generation SONET infrastructure

- Delivers metro LAN and WAN connectivity for point-to-point high-speed transport

- Offers speeds from 10 Mbps to full-rate gigabit for metro (intraLATA) and national (interLATA) applications, as available

- Provides carrier-grade, reliable, high-bandwidth data center connectivity for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

- Allows you to control your routings with your equipment

- Offers dedicated, fully managed service from a single, reliable source with an extensive nationwide presence

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