Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Add Streaming Video To Websites & Emails

The Broadband Nation loves neat tools to improve communication online. Adding videos to websites and emails is a creative way to communicate in a more personal way online.

No more "text only" and maybe a view neat graphics or static pictures. With video you can be seen ... and heard. The only thing holding you back are the limits of your imagination.

Now ... there are a number of options for you to choose from to accomplish this. One I recommend is called Instant Video Generator. Simple to use and has a free 21 day trial too (I love free!).

What's more you don't need expensive equipment or fancy technical know-how either.

You can see more for yourself here:

Instant Video Generator

From their website ....

Here are just a few benefits this service gives you:

- Unlimited video clips played instantly with one click of the mouse

- Works great on dial-up modems or high-speed

- Records with any Web cam and microphone

- Technical know-how or experience is NOT necessary – easy to use

- Makes other video technologies obsolete!

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