Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hosting Nation ..... Web Hosting For Everyone

Hosting Nation is a phenominal service offering web hosting, domain names, and even web development. All for a very reasonable monthly or yearly cost. More than competitive with other available hosting services. I've even moved a couple of my websites to them recently.

Out of Parksville, British Columbia, Canada .... their portfolio of services includes web hosting, continuos data protection, web development, SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), web marketing, and domains to name just a few. Their web hosting and development services include over 80 tools and applications available for your use.

You should most definitely check out the Hosting Nation blog too (accessed through their main website). Sean Enns writes very informative pieces on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Development, Web Marketing, Web Programming, Graphic Design, and more. You can get quite an eye opening education from Sean's insights and suggestions .... applied to your online efforts you'll seat a definite postive impact too.

They have monthly and yearly hosting packages much cheaper than you'll find most anywhere else. I've shopped around ... and Hosting Nation's prices are more than competetive in an admittedly dog eat dog industry.

What follows is directly from the Hosting Nation website .... and will give you an idea of what is available as far as hosting accounts go. For you true technogeeks it has all the technospeak buzzwords you'd be looking for ;) ....

Our shared web hosting packages each come with a ton of tools and applications for only *$6.95 per month as well as plenty of space and bandwidth. Each shared hosting account comes with the following:

* 5 Gb of disk space
* 50 databases
* 50 Gb of bandwidth
* 50 FTP accounts
* 50 email addresses
* 10 mailing lists
* 50 parked domains
* 50 subdomains

Our server technology is modern and fast, we lease quad core Xeon 5430 servers from the SoftLayer datacenter in Seattle. The servers run CentOS Linux 5 and Apache version 2.2 and supports PHP 5, Perl and up to 50 MySQL databases.

Each hosting account also includes cPanel version 11 and the RVSkin theme. You will have access to over 80 applications, frameworks and libraries through Fantastico and Installatron including the popular Magento, Joomla and Wordpress platforms. You'll also receive real time log analysis with AwStats and our robust backup and data recovery system. Backups can be done manually every day, or you can use the R1Soft continuous data protection console to select from 15 different snapshots of your site to restore a database, a single piece of data or your entire site.

Uptime monitoring is provided in real time by Hyperspin and each account comes with both SpamAssassin and ClamAV virus protection.

Switching hosting is very simple, when you transfer your site to Hosting Nation, we'll move your site for you. We'll also give you a credit towards any hosting remaining on your current plan up to one year.


Now that you've heard about it ... go look for yourself at Hosting Nation


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