Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Android Phones .... What Does The Future Hold?

To answer this question you need to seperate the Android compatible hardware .... and the OS (Operating System) itself.

Android Hardware ....

The very fact that almost all manufactures including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Dell etc have at least one hardware platform on Android .... is indication enough that companies realize the potential strength of Android Platform. Also, as an extension to the phone you will see Android coming soon on multiple converged devices.

Android OS ....

Google is playing very smart on this one. If you look at the current state of computing .... Browser is becoming more and more a window for apps ( Cloud computing). In coming few years I would expect as high as 95 % apps hosted out of the cloud .... so browser. This means that with Browser / OS like Chrome ..... Google is ensuring domination on Web search and commerce. With Android as free OS (not unlike other google offerings) .... this will result in almost free /open source development AND will result in a multi fold increase in traffic @mobile search and commerce for Google.

So while players like MS, Nokia, Apple might look to match or win and fight against Android feature list .... Google is actually just interested in becoming the king of Mobile Search and Commerce. Having Android open source helps Google to focus on Mobile Search and Commerce .... while the open source community develops and sells the apps developed on the free API.

Kinda shrewd .... but what do expect from Google?

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