Monday, September 07, 2009

Why Are Businesses Choosing Ethernet For Their Business Communication Network?

Businesses are moving to Ethernet Internet because of ....

* Speeds Available.

* GigE.

* Scalability: very easy to upgrade speeds and can be deployed via copper or fiber optics: T1, DS3 or OC3 – OC192.

* Hardware Costs: less expensive and easier to maintain: a 10/100 Ethernet Card in any Layer2 device (i.e. Firewall) or Layer3 device (i.e. Router) is all you need to terminate your service.

* Network Simplicity: instead of having a router and firewall, you only need one piece of hardware and companies are using Firewalls that have routing capabilities (which eliminates the purchase and maintenance of a router). This helps out your IT budget, equipment maintenance (your LAN is already Ethernet) and you have less points of failure on your network (the more hardware devices you have, the more points of failure in your network).

* Fiber Optics: ISP’s would rather deploy their fiber optics than lease DS3 local loops from RBOC’s or ILEC’s. Carriers are expanding their fiber optic footprints and ISP’s are offering fiber optics to deploy faster and better quality Internet for businesses.

Rather than continue listing more reasons ... I suggest you save yourself time, effort, and money in your search for the right bandwidth solution for your network needs.

To do this at ZERO cost to yourself use the free services available here: Bandwidth Solution

Simply ask them to find you the most cost effective network solution for your specific application(s) .... and include ethernet in their analysis. Ask them to also compare to DS3 bandwidth so you can see what ... if any ... difference there might be for your specific situation.

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