Friday, September 11, 2009

What Are The Business Drivers Behind Business VoIP Buying Decisions Today?

As a business in today's world ... what drives your decision to buy a business VoIP solution?

Remember .... VoIP and MPLS provide the underpinning technology for Unified Connectivity.

Businesses were under extreme pressure to save money even before the downturn, now it has gone from urgent to imperative.

There are all of those legacy PBXs to maintain, and the hardware replacements for these are just spend, spend, spend today for tomorrow's legacy.

So those going VoIP are typically going for a soft solution, in- or out- sourced depending upon the organization and it's ability to adopt and support the change.

Apart from cost savings, many organizations want to benefit from Unified Connectivity, which offers significant productivity benefits over voice (whether TDM or VoIP).

The old personal instant messaging applications are now demanded for internal corporate use - but must be kept separate from personal networking if we want productivity to increase.

Applications like Microsoft OCS give Unified Connectivity - VoIP, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Presence, Application Sharing and more.

Businesses use it to cut down on travel, to provide remote training, and cut out both voice and email clutter - these cut costs and increase productivity significantly.

As for alternatives, there are open source VoIP solutions if the organization has the tech skills to roll out and support them.

The only real roadblock is the handset - people love that plastic phone on their desk, at least until they actually use a headset and realize the flexibility they get. Especially with the new bluetooth headsets - but of course getting people to change requires senior management sponsorship to make it happen.

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