Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Real Time Rate Quotes For Dedicated Bandwidth Solutions For Your Business Voice/Data Applications

We've developed and patented a real time quote software program for dedicated bandwidth solutions (voice and data) .... covering all flavors of T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, and ethernet.

For example .... fractional, full, bonded, burstable, point-to-point, MPLS, and even including PRI, SIP, and enterprise VoIP. The tool compares over 30 top tier providers of these type of services by location (e.g. the specific location you request quotes for .... note: US only at this time).

You can try it out at ..... Bandwidth Solution

Question .... would you use such a tool/service to help with the decision making process you go through to shape your company's network architecture?

Especially if the quotes and service are free?

This capability is extremely useful, both for service providers and end users.

We design a number of networks every day, and the main problem was getting quotes back for offnet locations.

The delays from normal suppliers are bad enough, but then there is the dialogue with the customer. The time frame is one conversation per quote update ....

"How much capacity can I get for my current budget of XYZ, ideally making a savings of 20%?"

"Hmmm, how much extra savings can I get by dropping down to E1/T1?"

"Oooops, we have a new datacentre application, and need Gig-E speed. How much extra for that?"

"Wow - is that fully resilient, or would that cost extra?"

If the quote time is 5 working days, we were losing weeks of time that could be spent deploying the best solution and saving the customer money.

Doing that dialogue with a customer in real time was one of our top goals, and it looks like we are finally there.

Again ... see for yourself: DS3 Bandwidth

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