Monday, September 28, 2009

Business VoIP Solution Adds Vocal IP Networx to Carrier Portfolio

Business VoIP Solution now offers Vocal IP Networx's Hosted IP solution .... as another quality choice available to businesses looking for the best business VoIP package for their voice/data network. Vocal IP Networx's is one of the industry's most reliable and profitable hosted IP solutions providers.

Vocal IP Networx brings the Best of Breed IP Telephony Solutions over managed WAN to address the growing demand of the business community for hosted services.

Vocal IP Networx is an excellent fit to the growing managed IP services portfolio of Business VoIP Solution. Their hosted PBX, SIP, and other custom solutions (all delivered over an MPLS backbone) are as robust as they come. With the ever increasing demand for hosted IP solutions this gives Business VoIP Solution clients another reliable option to meet their needs. Vocal IP Networx is an attractive business application due to their strong reputation, competitive price points, and high service quality.

Vocal IP Networx delivers ISP and IP Telephony solutions - Data and Voice over IP (VoIP) services, hosted IP PBX capabilities, SIP and IP trunking as well as hybrid and customized solutions to small and medium businesses across the United States. Vocal IP Networx provides services from the latest release of BroadSoft and utilizes the most up-to-date networking hardware from Cisco, Adtran, Juniper, Polycom and others to provide your business with state-of-the-art, enterprise-level capabilities. All services are delivered from the platform of two clustered Class 5 Broadsoft switches located on East and West coasts .... and four Session Boarder Controllers geographically distributed throughout the country - New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas. Such architecture provides completely redundant service platform and minimizes network latency for multi-locations and distributed companies.

Business VoIP Solution expects to have the Hosted PBX section of their patented instant quote engine, where businesses can obtain real-time pricing for a diverse set of commercial telecom services, ready for action by the end of the third quarter. Vocal IP Networx will be one of the key vendors in this and other managed IP services categories.

For a free instant pricing quote on available VoIP solutions in your area ... including Vocal IP Networx's Hosted IP solution .... I recommend you visit:

Business VoIP Solution

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