Monday, September 21, 2009

The Best Smart Phone For A Business Owner?

You generally need a Smartphone based on the following considerations:

1. Syncs with your e-mail contacts
2. Syncs with your Outlook 200X contacts & calendar
3. Plays music & video files
4. Offers good service that doesn't drop calls
5. Offers free applications for the device
6. Preferably allows you to do word processing that you can sync to your laptop
7. Durability (the device with the least number of technical support issues)

Following are some suggestions ....

1. 3G Network

Blackberry Bold/Nokia E90/E75/E72.

One amazing app for E series phone for outlook is Road Sync. So you may want to add this software in case you invest in the E Series.

2. 2G/2.5G

Blackberry 8900.

Iphone and Palm Pre are great devices. However for pure business experience I would still prefer BlackBerry or Nokia E Series.

My friend tested HTC Hero recently and the Anroid is fab on this phone ... can do most of what is listed .... and has a host of free apps. However the processor is slightly under powered. But worth consideration if you are on early adopter Geek.

For more details on the features of these and other smart phones that may be an option ... as well as a comparison of price plans ... trip over to:

Smart Phone Comparison

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