Friday, August 21, 2009

Tools To Test Your Broadband Network .... Speed, Line Quality, VoIP Bandwidth, Mobile Speed, & More

Here's a list of just a few tools you can use to test various performance aspects of your broadband network ......

* Speed Tests - Test your maximum upload speed and download speed from several geographically distributed locations. Java, Flash and iPhone speed test (100% browser) available.

* Tweak Test - Test if your computer is setup correctly for broadband TCP connectivity

* Line Quality Testing - Packet loss tests on your line, including identification of any problem routers en-route to you.

* VOIP Bandwidth Tester - Test the capacity of your business connection to determine how many simultaneous managed VOIP circuits it can carry. Test uses UDP and real VOIP packets.

* Smokeping - NEW: Intensively monitor an IP address for 24+ hours to detect packet loss and/or excessive latency variability -- from three different locations!

* 24x7 Line Monitoring - Does your ISP promise always-on? are you getting it? keep track of many aspects of your connectivity, and weekly reports as well

* MOBILE Speed Test - Simple MOBILE speed test page. Optimized for tiny browsers.

* Bandwidth Calculator - Confused about unit conversions? want to see how long it will take to transfer a file at a certain speed? or how much data can be transferred in a given time?

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Blogger jackie said...

Broadband test toools are nice to read. I usualy find the internet speed test from

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