Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Telecommunication Equipment .... How To Get More Out Of What You Already Have

In today's economic environment, more than ever businesses need to get the absolute most out of the telecommunication equipment they already have. Meanwhile, technology keeps changing and businesses want the latest technology.

The answer may be a lot easier than one would think.

You may have several options to get some of today's technology without having to do a full replacement of your current telecommunications equipment.

One option would be to see if your equipment manufacturer offers software upgrades to accomplish what you are looking for. Some of the latest technology that may be available via a software upgrade could include Unified Messaging, Hot Desking, Find Me Follow Me, Remote Access, Soft Phone and many others.

Another option would be to look into upgrading your voice mail. Depending on what you are looking for, everything you may want could be available in a new voice mail system, and you would not have to upgrade all of your equipment. Even if your equipment manufacturer doesn't offer you what you want in a new voice mail system, a third party voice mail system like one from AVST, may be the way to go. That would also allow you to upgrade your whole system later, and still keep the voice mail you purchased regardless of which brand you chose to move to on the new system.

Finally, and probably the most significant upgrade shy of replacing everything is to purchase a new switch that is compatible with your existing phones. Many company's latest phone systems will still operate your existing handsets, including Nortel, Siemens, Avaya and many others. This would give you the ability to connect multiple locations via VoIP and SIP, taking advantage of intercom dialing, collaboration, and much more, without having to throw out all your existing handsets.

You could also look into some open platforms like those available from Siemens (OpenScape) that can integrate with most any brand system you may have today. This may also be quite useful if you have multiple locations, and want one platform, but have several different systems in place today.

For example a Siemens OpenScape system can work with a Nortel system, ShoreTel, Cisco, Avaya, Toshiba, etc. This would give you the ability to connect multiple locations via VoIP and SIP without having to throw out all your existing handsets.

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Telecommunication Equipment Support And Service

[Courtesy of Frank Napolitano of Blackbox Technical Services]


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Due to these moder times telecommunications equipment is now a huge and important aspect to any modern day business.

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