Monday, August 03, 2009

Hosted VoIP PBX .... Getting The Most Out Of What You Have

More and more companies are looking into what a hosted solution might do for their business. In today's economic environment, this may be a fit for your business. This may also be called a business VoIP solution

A hosted solution (hosted telephony) is basically a state of the art phone system that is held off site that gives you the customer the ability to get all your telecommunications features delivered via an IP connection, or SIP trunking. Your voice mail, unified messaging, and most off the actual phone system would reside elsewhere. It would still be programmed specific to your business, potentially following your extension set up you have today, allowing you set up auto attendants, and much more. Without the need to maintain your own phone system, and without having to lay out the cost for the phone system.

You as a customer would need to purchase handsets ranging in price from $100 each to over $500 each, and than pay a monthly hosting fee or per seat license. Much the same way many businesses have a hosted exchange server.

This option can save businesses tons of CapEx costs, and move some of them to an OppEx cost. Furthermore, it could save you maintenance costs and streamline the Moves Adds and Changes to a much simpler process with a web interface.

This also usually includes unlimited local calling and domestic long distance.

Hosted Solutions do not lack on features either. You can get very robust Unified Messaging, Faxing Applications, and Call Center Functionality out of a good hosted product offering.

For help in finding a hosted solution for your business go to: Business VoIP Solution

[Courtesy of Frank Napolitano of Blackbox Technical Services]

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