Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What To Consider When Setting Up A WiFi Hotspot

If you're interested in setting up a WiFi hotspot for any reason .... the effort can get confusing if you're not careful. To help simplify things for you here's some tips for deciding what system (equipment) setup to use ... and where to find a source for your internet connection backbone.

First .......

There are a number of systems (equiment) you can choose from, with different models and pricing schemes. Some of the things to consider are:

1. Are you looking to provide free access to anyone, or do you want to limit access to your customers?

2. Do you want to limit what sites your customers can access? (i.e. Do you want people being able to surf porno on your Internet connection?)

3. Are you planning to limit the time a customer can use your connection? (i.e. Do you want customers sitting around all day surfing on your connection?)

4. How much are you willing to spend?

5. Do you want to limit access to your connection, or do you want to be part of a network of places that subscribers can come to for Internet access?

6. Do you need to house your portal site in-house, or are you comfortable with a web-based portal management system somewhere out on the Internet (for which you will pay a subscription fee)?

With those in mind, take a look at some of these sites. They should help you figure out what solutions you want, in light what you're looking to do.


My personal preference has been for Netopia's products. They provide a turnkey solution, with limits based on one-time-use codes you can give or sell to your customers, that limit them to either 1-hour or 24-hours of use. You can put limits on what types of sites the customers can access, and they're not outrageously expensive.

To find the best solution for your internet access backbone you can use this online search portal to find what DSL, cable, or satellite provider in your area is the best fit.....

High Speed Internet Access Providers

If you need more bandwidth capacity and reliabilty (depending on the size of your operation .... you might consider a fractional or full T1 circuit. You can get free help evaluating your options here ....

Bandwidth Solution

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Blogger Crewze said...

Another good supplier to look at is -- There routers are reasonably prices, they have good technical support and many free or paid options for managing your network. The mesh router allow you to build small and large multi-node hotspots.

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