Friday, July 10, 2009

Leads For Telecom/IT Equipment And Services Sales

Leads For Telecom/IT Equipment And Services Sales
If you sell, install, or service LAN or WAN networks, phone systems, telecommunication equipment, routers, switches, servers, business VoIP equipment, IP PBX, or point of sale hardware ..... you should consider joining the Telarus VAR (Value Added Reseller) Program.

They're offering an additional resource to all vendors/providers of the above for equipment and network sales and installation leads.

You'll find more information and an online application here......

Telarus Var Network

Telarus VAR Partner

Essentially ... Telarus will give you quality leads for your sales in return for leads on T1, DS3, MPLS, Ethernet, etc bandwidth sales for them. Heck of a deal for you ..... you benefit from their extensive branding and consumer reach to gain sales leads you'd never have a shot at before.

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