Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Easily Sell Wireless Phones And Data Plans From Any Small Retail Location

Here's the scenario .....

You're in the process of opening a small retail location. Say for example ... for local it support, sales, and service. Could even be a mall kiosk site. At some point you would like to offer Wireless phones and data plans to your customers.

Are you wondering how difficult it is to become a reseller for a small shop, and how profitable the business is in general?

Here's an idea that may be a bit out of the box .... and won't saddle you with ordering, inventory, keeping up with specials, complicated approval paperwork, or any of the other possible hassles.

Simply set up a couple computer stations (PC or laptop) for customer self use .... or have one that you can personally walk potential customers through ... loaded with a website that does all the searches, comparisons, ordering, and shipping for you. From multiple providers at the same time.

There's no cost to you except the internet link and laptop/pc ..... so overhead is minimal. All the hassle is carried by the provider chosen by the customer "online". You just facilitate the order and receive a sale commission for each. As easy as it can get.

Commission varies by what is sold and for whom .... average is around $50-$300 or more per sale (depending on plan, model, etc.) ..... free and clear to you.

It's not for everybody but is an option to consider.

Plus .... you wouldn't be restricted to say any one provider (e.g Verizon). You could offer whoever the search turns up.

If this may ineterest you ... here's a link for more information (application to be a reseller agent is in the bottom right .... no cost to you by the way). Simply click on the cell phone category in the left side menu to see what you could use as your customer "search portal". There's more than 1 choice.

How To Sell Cell Phones

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